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Big Nick
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Originally Posted by oneBADDz View Post
The older you get the more you realize that paying things off > anything else
exactly. making payments sucks some serious wang.

Originally Posted by KyleDD View Post
pay off my camaro, get a cheap ratty motorcycle, and try to get into a better house.
anyone have Kyle's number? i think Makenzie hacked into his account.
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2 steppin it
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Pay off the evo and get it gone for the next one
06 Chevy CC for sale
06 Evo for sale
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Captain Slow
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Right now:

JE Forged pistons (probably 8.5:1 CR)
Used L26 3800 SIII (totally cheap)
Have Holden intake modified to work with truck TB.
Port intake/heads to match with bigger valves, competition valve job.
Roller-rockers of stock lift
L32 rods
Powerbond SFI damper, fully balance the rotating assembly
Custom ground cam to go with new flow specs and help the turbo(s)
Perform necessary oiling mods to engine block, open the galleys more and port/deburr the oil passages to allow for more oil flow available during higher rpm/hp events.

Precision Billet 6262 or maybe a twin turbo layout (something similar to mitsu 20G's, mimicking the APS twin turbo kit)

Fuel system with enough room to play with.

Debating on FIMC or W2A with a good sized bilge tank for it in the hatch somewhere.

Rebuild T-56 & higher capacity clutch. Watch and wait on the 10-bolt lol!

Take it to the Texas Mile and see what it'll do.
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