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Default Read First: Forum Rules

Welcome to RaceLubbock! We are glad to see visitors who are enthusiasts of any motorsport. We welcome everybody to RaceLubbock and hope all members enjoy their visit to our site. However we do have some rules that must be followed to keep things in order along with helping us keep the site going. Please take some time to read up on these rules.

1) We are a group of people connected by our general love of various motorsports. If you donít like someone elseís branch of the hobby, thatís a personal problem and we donít care. Be respectful of each otherís cars and the choices they make with them, itís not your business what someone else chooses to do. Have fun and enjoy observing someone elseís passion, that is what we are all here for!

2) Do not patronize any rival site or member of a rival site under any assumed affiliation with RaceLubbock, if you do you will be banned.

3) Attacks on new forum members (or "Noobies") will not be tolerated. Remember we were all new to the forum once.

4) Personal attacks against other forum members will not be tolerated, nor will any type of "trolling" for a fight.

5) If you have a problem with another member or business, and cannot prove it absolutely, donít bring in into the forum. Posts with accusations but no concrete grounds will be deleted.

6) No racist, homophobic, or misogynistic remarks, including derogatory slang, be it overt or covert, will be tolerated.

No adult content. There's enough porn on the internet, keep it off of here. The forum strives to maintain a welcoming and family type atmosphere for its members..

8) If you are posting a new thread, do not use vulgarity in the title of the thread. Inside a thread, profanity will only be allowed if used in a controlled manner, and not directed at a particular forum member. Again, just try and be respectful of other forum member.

9) Keep in mind that this is not a democracy. We have the right to refuse service to anyone. If you make yourself too big of a pain in the butt to the moderating community or otherwise are a bad influence on the forum, your access may be revoked.

10) No free advertising will be allowed! If you are a vendor, and you have a product you wish to promote to the RaceLubbock community, then purchase advertising on this site. We have MANY ways to allow you to promote your product. Contact us to find out more info on our advertising specials.

11) Signatures are limited to six lines of regular text, including blank lines, or the equivalent size in picture, or picture/text combination. Max signature size is 500w x 150H. Linking to images is more than welcomed; however, any links to websites offering a personal benefit and/or financial profit to the user will be removed. No Offensive or NWS Content. Signatures may be deleted and/or edited at the discretion of moderators/admins.
Failure to comply with the above rules may result in disciplinary actions being taken against you, including a ban on your forum account.

RaceLubbock Staff

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